Staff @ HCC


Christ is our Chief Shepherd (1 Pet. 5:4) and yet he has also gifted our church with undershepherds (Eph. 4:11) and other administrative staff for the purpose of equipping our members for the work of ministry and advancing our mission to make God-loving and compassionate disciples of Jesus among the nations.



Ministry Staff
Fred Tow
Family Life Pastor
713-663-7550 ext.108
Jason Tarn
Lead English Pastor
713-663-7550 ext.111
Thomas Wang
Lead Chinese Pastor
713-663-7550 ext.114
Joseph Cheng
Chinese Pastor
713-663-7550 ext.105
Henry Ow
English Pastor
713-663-7550 ext.116
Frank Tan
Children's Minister
713-663-7550 ext.120
Stanley Chang
Youth Minister
713-663-7550 ext.122
Linh Phan
Outreach Minister
713-663-7550 ext.107
Tim Lai
Chinese Minister
713-663-7550 ext.103
Mark Poon
Cantonese Minister
713-663-7550 ext.117

Administrative / Support Staff

James Chang
Church Administrator
713-663-7550 ext.113
Mauricio Cardona
Facilities Supervisor
Karen Liang
English Administrative Assistant
713-663-7550 ext.109
Dinah Koh
Chinese Administrative Assistant
713-663-7550 ext.201
Christine Chang
Children's Administrative Assistant
713-663-7550 ext.115
Jocelyn Huang
Nursery Coordinator
Mary Lee
713-663-7550 ext.106
Amanda Kan
Interim Chinese Administrative Assistant